Real Testimonials

Real Testimonials

We've received countless testimonials from satisfied customers who have integrated this simple yet versatile tool into their workout routines and experienced impressive results.

Authenticity in Testimonials

We're proud that our testimonials are authentic. We don't rely on fabricated reviews. Instead, our customers share their genuine experiences with the Drop Set Pin. We believe in the integrity of our product and the satisfaction it brings.

Elevating the Workout Experience

Our Drop Set Pin has become a game-changer for many, and user testimonials reflect this sentiment.

One customer, DJ-ELI, shared, "Really appreciate that! I’ll talk with them both Monday! I wanna order 2 more pins for my cable crossover machine."



Expert Recommendations*

Our product has garnered attention from professionals in the fitness industry. Nick, a Men's Wheelchair IFBB Pro, said, "I've recommended the Drop Set Pin to my fellow athletes. It's very helpful." 

Zoe,NFMUK Am🥇Pro🥉Bikini Athlete said, "Yeah when nick told me about them i was unsure but actually they are really helpful x"


Our customer's feedback :


1. Been using these for about a month now. So freaking good! Any kind of burn out using cables these are brilliant


2. These are brilliant. I'm gonna get several new customers for you on my recommendations 💪🏼

3. Used mine for the first time today. Arms blew up. 💪🏻 No need to have a two second rest to keep pulling the pins out. Brutal. ☺ Can’t wait to try it on pull downs when my hands a wrapped to the bar.

4. I had ordered last week then I been gym brilliant love it every set drop weight. I think maybe I buy other again this August……wait see..

5. Mine arrived a week or so ago and honestly these are the best things I've ever purchased! They've completely changed my workout. You save time and you push yourself further. Who doesn't want that?! My only regret is not ordering more.

In conclusion, the Drop Set Pin from One More Rep has made fitness more accessible, efficient, and enjoyable for people from all walks of life. These testimonials reflect the real impact this simple yet innovative tool has had on the fitness journeys of our valued customers. We invite you to join them in experiencing the transformative power of the Drop Set Pin.

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